Sezer doesn't resign

Sezer doesn't resign

Ahmet Necdet Sezer, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, is determined to keep his post despite five political party leaders want to present him as candidate for Presidential elections.

       Sources said Sezer told his close circle that he won't resign from his
       office, while the Parliament lobby discusses whether he should resign or not
       after he is presented as candidate.
       Semra Sezer, his wife, told Milliyet Daily that Sezer won't resing during
       the election raunds as well.

       Jurists also agree that there is no need for Sezer to resign at the moment.
       "The Constitution does not bring any specification that bids the one that
       puts candidacy for the elections has to resign. The only condition is that
       the candidate should have the qualifications to be elected as a Parliament
       member," says Professor Ergun Ozbudun.
       Professor Ulku Azrak on the other hand says "Presidential elections are
       quite different. If there was such a condition in the Constitution,
       resignation would be compulsory. This is why it has no sense even to discuss
       the issue."

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