Simitis' anger against Turkey

Simitis' anger against Turkey

Greek Prime Minister accused Turkey for the instability in Mediterannean


Greek Prime Minister and PASOK leader Kostas Simitis, accused Turkey for being agressive saying, "We have to be a powerful Greece to stand against Turkey's aims. Our new armament programme will have a deterrent effect", in his speech in the 5th congress of his party.
Mr. Simitis claimed, held Turkey as the responsible for the big crisis in Greece after "Ocalan fiasco". "Turkey is the instable part of the Mediterannean. She tries to create crisis with Greece to externalize her internal problems. We are calm and won't fall into their trick", he said.
"We would never make the rights of Greece in Tracia - Aegean - Cyprus triangle an issue of bargain," the Greek Prime Minister quoted as saying. "Unless Turkey acts in accordance with the international law, we are determined to protect our rights," he added.
"If Turkey be respectful to the human rights and accepts the international rules in her relations with us, we would be helpful in her route to Europe," he said.

14 Kasım 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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