Tansu Ciller demands Ocalan to be hanged

Tansu Ciller demands Ocalan to be hanged

Leader of True Path Party (DYP), Tansu Ciller said, "They would pay for it unless they implement the punishment," on the discussions to hang PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who was sentenced to death last week.
In a press conference yesterday, Ms. Ciller said they had a suspicion that the government bargains on the execution of capital punishment of Ocalan. "Not to hang Ocalan would mean to violate nation's sovereignty," she said. "Our hearts bleed in the name of our nation. They cannot hide behind the Court of Human Rights. The indemnity would be paid, if necessary. The Court has no other power over Turkey. The order of the independent justice should be executed."

Cyprus and Ocalan commitment to the IMF

Claiming the government has made commitments to the IMF on Ocalan and Cyprus, Ms. Ciller also defended that the government could not succeed the economic reforms.

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