"Turkey is always the same"

"Turkey is always the same"

Greek Prime Minister Simitis considered the "PKK support" claims against Greece as Turkey's attempt to export its problems


Greek Prime Minister claimed the acusations against his country as "Turkey's nonsensical and baseless delirium". "Turkey is experiencing a pre-election period. Such tactics bring sympathy. We have to be cold-blooded, act logically and have to have the determination to stand against any surprising event", he said in an interview with Ta Nea daily.
"Turkey continuously loose base and try to prevent us to reach our goals. Our aim is to strengthen our country and keep it powerful in every field. This is the only way to stand against any plot from other countries", he added.
Mr. Simitis said to act cool doesn't mean to give concessions to Turkey and claimed failing to join the European Union makes Turkey angry.
At the mean time the women members of the "Greek Cypriot Environmentalists" initiated a campaign to promote support to Abdullah Ocalan.

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