...Two quadrillions of loss

...Two quadrillions of loss

The new executive boards for five banks whose properties were seized by
the State, will be determined by the Treasury Undersecretary. The Treasury
announced that these banks will continue their normal activity and all
saving accounts are under State's security.

       Egebank used to be belong to Demirel's brother
       Egebank was founded in April 5 1928 by 150 members with a capital of 1
       millions of liras. The bank moved its central department to Istanbul in
       1990. Demirel group headed by the President Suleyman Demirel's brother
       Sevket Demirel bought the bank from the Bayraktar Company in 1998.
       10 different reports were prepared for illegal crediting against the high
       rank officials of the bank which was said to have a saving amount of 300
       trillions of liras.
       The last executive board members of Egebank: Murat Demirel (the president),
       Neslihan Demirel, Jale Oktay, Rustu Saracoglu, Ali Paya, Muzaffer Aygun,
       Ersin Camoglu, Mehmet Karakas.

Esbank was Zeytinoglu's for 22 years

       Esbank which was founded by Eskisehir tradesman in September 15 of 1927
       with a capital of 500 thousands of liras was purchased by Zeytinoglu family
       in 1977.
       Esbank moved its central administration to Istanbul in 1985. The payed
       capital of the bank is 45 trillions of liras while it has 94 branches around
       the country with a personnel of 2241 people.
       The president of the banks executive board was Mesut Erez, and the general
       manager was Yilmaz Mazlumoglu.
       The last executive board members of Esbank: Mesut Erez (the president),
       Aykut Akincilar, Ali Saracik, Erol Zeytinoglu, Akin Ilkin, Atilla Candir,
       Yilmaz Mazlumoglu.

Sumerbank was purchased by Garipoglu after privatisation

       Sumerbank which was first founded as a public bank in 1933 was
       purchased by Ipek Textile Company in October 17 of 1995 after being
       Thus the bank has been sold to Hayyam Garipoglu, a businessman who was also
       judged for Turkbank corruption. The bank whose central administration is in
       Istanbul, has 88 provincial branches and a personnel of 1788 people.
       The last executive board members of Sumerbant: Hayyam Garipoglu (the
       president), Cengiz Bicer, Kadriye Sisman, Muhittin Fisunoglu.

Former general manager of Yasarbank was Ercel

       The bank which was founded by 250 members in September 17 of 1924 in
       Akhisarli, has been inferior to Yasar Group since 1980.
       The president of Yasarbank's executive board was Selçuk Yasar, and the
       general manager was Ali Canip Ozardali. In 1994 the post of the general
       manager was held by the current president of the Central Bank Gazi Ercel
       yapmıştı. The banks general administration is in Istanbul and has 85
       branches and 1755 personnel.
       The last executive board members of Yasarbank: Selcuk Yasar (the president),
       Fehmi Gultekin, Armagan Gursel, Mehmet Aktas, Muhittin Bilget, Yilmaz

Yurtbank belongs to the Balkaner family

       Yurtbank which was founded as Eurocredit Turkish French Bank Co. in
       1993 belongs to Ali Avni Balkaner and its name has changed in 1995.
       The main partners of the bank are Balkaner Tourism Construction and Industry
       Co., Ali Avni Balkaner, M.Hakan Balkaner, F.Pelin Balkaner, Zeynep Ilkar,
       Ucem Trades and Investment Co., Ada Construction.
       The bank has a payed capital amount of 10 trillions of Turkish liras by the
       end of 1998. The bank has a capital of 30 trillions of liras, with 28
       provincial branches and 600 personnel.
       The last executive board members of Yurtbank: Ali Avni Balkaner (the
       president), Suleyman Ekiz, Murat Yanik, Bayram Eser, Omer Yuksel, Metin

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