Unidentified murders statue

Unidentified murders statue

Sisli Municipality erected a statue for Abdi Ipekci on the road he was

       Sisli Municipality has built a statue in the honour of Abdi Ipekci, the
       editor - in - chief of Milliyet Daily who was murdered 21 years ago in front
       of his house. Speaking in the opening ceremony of the statue his daughter
       Nukhet Ipekci said the murderers worked systematically and made a call to
       the public to act in unison against the unidentified murders.
       The first commemoration ceremony for Ipekci was held in his tomb in
       Zincirlikuyu Cemetery. The chairperson of Turkish Journalists association
       Nail Gureli said the system doesn't let the assassinators be captured, in
       fact it protects them.
       "The mistakes of those who govern the state led many journalists like Ipekci
       to be killed by dark powers. These mistakes should be ended, but we
       unfortunately see any such attempt," he said.

Dogan: "We want justice"

       Milliyet Editor - in Chief Yalcin Dogan on the other hand stated that
       the sense of justice is one of the most important concepts and said;
       "If there had been jubtice, we wouldn't be in need of being here today. All
       these unidentified murders wouldn't have been committed, at least the
       murderers would have been found. Establishing a real law state on the way of
       human rights and democracy, distinguishing the philosophical and the real
       meaning of the sense of justice, and a fair income distribution would
       satisfy our need for justice. This statue symbolises not only Ipekci but all
       unidentified murders. We have to make our voices heard on the highest rank
       of the state and question them using our Consitutional rights. Why don't you
       find the murderers, why do you hide them although you have found them, why
       the game still continues."
       On the other hand Abdi Ipekci was elected "hero of freedom of the press" in
       Turkey by International Press Institute (IP), which has branches in more
       than a hundred of countries around the world.

7 Aralık 2019 Magazin Bülteni.

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