Unseen sides of India

Unseen sides of India

There is a dark side of India that Bulent Ecevit has not seen. 400 million people of the 1 billion population live on the streets.

Spiritual cleansing in Ganj

       People do not give up on their beliefs despite the poverty. 'Patience' is one of the seven concepts of Budhism, which is devotedly adopted by the Indians. The Ganj, considered sacred by the Indians, is like the Golden Horn. People get washed, do their laundry and also practice their religious beliefs in this river. Foreigners are surprised by the dirt people get washed in, however the Indians believe they can "spiritually" clean themselves in the Ganj. An Indian Milliyet reporter talked to states that one can put up with anything once he believes. The Indians have thousands of gods on the sides of river Ganj.

Ecevit in Taj Mahal

       Despite the political crisis in Turkey, Bulent Ecevit was observed to be relived in his visit to India, his country of dreams. Mr.Ecevit constantly held his wife's hand especially at the tour of Taj Mahal, the symbol of love and romanticism.

Kadın muhabir canlı yayında cinsel tacize uğradıABD’nin Georgia eyaletinde gerçekleşen bir 10 kilometre yarışını sunan kadın muhabir, yarışçılardan birinin cinsel tacizine maruz kaldı.

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