They could stand only for ten years

They could stand only for ten years

Bahceli and Yilmaz watched Hizbullah's videos. The leaders could stand
ten minutes to torture records.

       The coalition leaders are shocked in a visual briefing by the Minister
       of the Interior Saadettin Tantan on Hizbullah's cruelty. Deputy Prime
       Ministers Devlet Bahceli, Husamettin Ozkan and the leader of the Motherland
       Party Mesut Yilmaz, could stand only ten minutes to three video records
       including the torture by Hizbullah militants. Answering Milliyet's questions
       Saadettin Tantan said the video records are only a small part of the
       On the other hand the coalition leaders plan to hold a summit on Sunday
       before the General Staff meeting on Jan., 31. The leaders decided to make an
       academic assembly to examine the videos and not to publicise the records
       until the judgement process in an assessment after the briefing.
       Authorities stated that the assessment is a two - way one, first considering
       the secrecy of evidence until the trial is launched and the other is the
       possible negative psychological effect of the records on the public. The
       leaders also underlined that the children should not be allowed to watch, if
       the records are broadcast on TV.
       ANAP leader Mesut Yilmaz declined to give any statement after the meeting
       and said an experts group will decide whether the videos are to be broadcast
       or not.

Kadın muhabir canlı yayında cinsel tacize uğradıABD’nin Georgia eyaletinde gerçekleşen bir 10 kilometre yarışını sunan kadın muhabir, yarışçılardan birinin cinsel tacizine maruz kaldı.

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