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Stability programme is to continue

Stability programme is to continue

       The Industry and Commerce Minister Yalim Erez, who tried to determine a programme and top priorities ahead of a meeting with political party leaders, claimed that the internal debting problem can be solved in the first quarter of the next year.
       Reminding that his hopes strengthened after the tour of leaders, the independent lawmaker stated that the outlines of the due plan are getting more clear, adding that the current stability programme will be continued with extra measures. Yalim Erez also said that the top - priority laws to be passed in 30 days, have been determined.
       Talking to reporters after a high - level meeting with Treasury officials, Mr. Erez said that they discussed the laws to be passed at once, inkernal debt issue and budget.
       Referring to his longest (3 - hour) meeting with the Treasury Undersecretary Yener Dincmen, Yalim Erez was quoted by Milliyet reporter as saying: "We discussed all the matters including the IMF. I want to decide on the programme before visiting the leaders. There are laws that must be adopted by the Parliament, such as laws of banks, social security, harmonization with the European Union and of local administration. We studied on these planned legislations. Which should be given priortiy? So the meeting lasted longer."

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