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"They try to set the police to loggerheads"

"They try to set the police to loggerheads"

       Ferruh Tankus, who is the focus of the claims in Huseyin Uzun's testimony, talked to Milliyet. Huseyin Uzun committed suicide few days ago when he was under arrest.
       Mr. Tankus claimed that as long as he keeps quite, he is conspired. "They try to draw me aside and keep away from me. Because they afraid of being arrested. The pressure will set the police to logger heads," he said.
       Ferruh Tankus, who has been removed from his post after his shocking statements about the security department said, "They will continue to plot with me, as long as they keep their posts. Huseyin Uzun is one of these plots as well", mentioning the directors whom he accused.
       Tankus denied the claims that the drug smugglers bought him a house in Silivri saying "If they did, find it out. You can't even find a kennel there that belongs to me. If they find, I will accept any king of punishment." He stated the following due to the claim that he freed the Iranian drug smuggler Muhammed Asa:
       "The event is sent to our department from Buyukcekmece Police Department. This man applied there a while ago, claiming he is kidnapped. He came to us, but sent back as no record was found against him. I have no idea about the rest."

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